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Litigation Support and Expert Witness Services

Roger W. Griffith, P.E. is a registered professional engineer providing Forensic Investigations, Expert Witness Services and Litigation Support for plumbing, mechanical and fire sprinkler system defects and failures. As a mechanical engineer, his training and experience designing plumbing, HVAC and fire sprinkler systems enable him to offer professional opinions regarding the adequacy of system design, construction, maintenance and operation. With his experience and training in failure analysis, he can also evaluate equipment failures to determine their root cause.

Roger served on the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) national design standards committee that provided industry guidelines for hot water temperature limits to prevent scalding from plumbing systems.

Areas of expertise include:

Hot Water Scalding
Hot Water System Design
Plumbing Design
Plumbing Code Compliance
Failures of Plumbing Fixtures, Components, and Equipment
Water Heaters
Gas Appliances
Gas Appliance Venting and CO Poisoning
Gas Explosions
Construction Defects
HVAC Systems Design
HVAC Equipment - Failure Analysis

Roger Griffith is committed to providing investigative engineering, consulting and expert witness services that are thorough, credible and timely. As a licensed professional engineer he can assist in the following areas:

Construction Claims He can review documents, perform site inspections, research industry standards, prepare reports and exhibits, and provide presentations to assist clients to resolve construction disputes involving changes, delays, damages and impacted labor efficiency.  

Design Errors and Omissions Case review and analysis of HVAC, plumbing and piping and fire sprinkler design work to determine whether the engineering design meets the standard of care for the area and at the time the work was performed. This often requires document review, research and design calculations.  

Litigation Support and Expert Witness Roger Griffith prepares exhibits and provides testimony based upon independent and impartial investigation, research, analysis and testing. He also assists clients through the mediation and arbitration process.  

Construction Defects Roger Griffith investigates HVAC, plumbing, fire protection and piping system failures. After careful research and analysis, Roger provides objective opinions regarding causation and damages.

Additonal Information:

Please contact Roger directly at 865-471-8142 for any additional information about his background, capabilities and experience. Click here for a copy of his CV.


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