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Engineering Design Knoxville High-Rise Engineering Design - Kingston Apartments

Private Residence -
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Friendsville, TN




Private Residences

Our designers are fully capable of designing mechanical systems for homes of any size or layout. Our past experiences with large custom homes have shown us that they require extensive coordination with architects and other engineers to ensure adequate spaces and clearances for ductwork and equipment to be located and maintained. Issues such as noise control, filtration, and temperature control are important to all home owners. We have designed multi-zone systems with custom diffusers and registers for upscale homes. Zone controls allow the homeowner to individually control independent spaces, providing maximum comfort and flexibility. Such homes often include custom pool areas, possibly even indoors, as well. Such areas provide additional challenges such as controlling humidity and noise and the migration of odors, such as chlorine, into living and guest areas.

Featured Project

King Residence, Friendsville, TN

Additional Project

Private Residence, Sevierville, TN

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