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Gatlinburg Convention Center

Gatlinburg Engineering Design - Gatlinburg Convention Center

The Gatlinburg Convention center project includes more than 75,000 sq. ft. of convention and meeting space. The scope of this project involves the demolition of most of the existing facility, except for the preservation of the historic Mills auditorium. New facilities are being added, which surround the preserved auditorium. The Mills auditorium project is adjacent to and integrated with the existing Gatlinburg Convention Center. The new facility, when complete, will include large meeting rooms, pre-function areas, a new kitchen, service corridors, and storage areas, and will incorporate the existing Mills Auditorium.

Gatlinburg Engineering Design - Gatlinburg Convention Center

Our engineers performed an economic analysis and life-cycle cost study, in conjunction with a review of existing mechanical systems, to determine the most economical mechanical system design for this facility. In addition, direct digital controls for the new mechanical systems are being provided.

Our design effort includes a plumbing system to service the facility, which includes gas-fired water heaters for the kitchens and restroom areas. We also designed a sprinkler system to accommodate the new center.

Gatlinburg Engineering Design - Gatlinburg Convention Center

This project involves demolition of a large portion of the existing building, renovation of the existing auditorium, and designing the new building systems to integrate with the existing convention center spaces. Each of these phases could be a stand-alone project, and therefore, make this a unique design challenge. As with every project, we customize our
design work to meet the specific requirements of each client and their use of the facility.

Gatlinburg Engineering Design - Gatlinburg Convention Center

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