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Maryville, TN




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Pigeon Forge Engineering Design - Young Life, Discipleship Focus


Discipleship Focus - A Partnership with Young Life
Multiple Phases
Pigeon Forge, TN

Occasionally, designing mechanical systems puts us in contact with good people doing great things for the kingdom of God. We are honored to assist the Young Life organization with their building needs in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We have worked with them to design residential style dormitories as well as staff facilities. This organization believes in building relationships with children and teenagers by meeting them where they are. Ultimately, staff and volunteers hope to reach youth and be able to mentor them while sharing the love of Jesus. In their 65 year history, Young Life has worked hard at these goals and grown tremendously in the process. The organization is currently active in the United States and 53 other countries spanning 6 continents.

Knoxville Engineering Design - Sunchase Apartments


Sunchase Apartments
New Club House
Knoxville, TN

This 10,500 sq. ft. club house had to be redesigned when the existing facility was damaged by fire. Necessary repairs and renovations include the replacement of the existing mechanical system, as it did not effectively control the moisture in the indoor pool area even before the fire. We chose to incorporate a new makeup air unit in conjunction with exhaust fan operation to improve the indoor conditions. Dehumidification in pool areas always presents a unique challenge. Most apartment complexes are very focused on offering quality amenities because that is vitally important to most tenants. Our designers understand that we design systems that, if they are well-designed, the average tenant will never pay attention to. However, if they are poorly designed-noisy, ineffective, or inefficient-the tenant will quickly notice and be unhappy. It is essential that owners rest in the comfort of knowing that every system in their building is of quality design.

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