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Maryville, TN




Featured Industrial Projects

Loudon Engineering Design - S. W. & Sons Co., Ltd.


S. W. & Sons Co., Ltd.
New Construction
Loudon, TN

S. W. & Sons is a 30,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility located in Loudon, Tennessee. S.W. and Sons supplies machined parts to customers for automotive, agricultural, and specialty equipment. It was founded in 1979 in Thailand and has now expanded with nearly 1,000 employees and a worldwide network of plants on 3 continents. Quality control is very important to the company and management is strongly interested in the personal growth and training of every employee. The Quality Control areas of the plant required special environments with precise indoor temperature and humidity controls. Our engineers designed special systems using Liebert units, which are typically used in computer room applications, to provide the required control. Our designers worked to design the entire plant mechanical system for maximum comfort and cost effectiveness. The design also included units for a future planned expansion as S. W. and Sons continues to expand its operations and customer base.

S. W. & Sons USA

Knoxville Engineering Design - House-Hasson Hardware  

House-Hasson Hardware
Warehouse Addition
Knoxville, TN

House-Hasson is a large regional hardware distributor serving 13 eastern states and the Caribbean directly. Mr. C.S. Hasson and Mr. Sam House founded House-Hasson Hardware Company in 1906. The company started with 13 salesmen. Operations have grown steadily over the years and they eventually knew they needed a much larger, state-of-the-art warehouse. The 90,000 sq. ft. warehouse addition to the existing facility utilizes ventilation fans, interlocked louvers, and gas-fired unit heaters to maintain the indoor environment. The full facility is over 350,000 sq. ft. This company prides itself on offering quality products quickly and efficiently to retailers across the region and nation-wide through its electronic network. In addition, they offer a full-service program to aide their retailers in improving profitability and competitiveness of service. Our engineer designed this new addition for comfort and cost effectiveness to make sure House Hasson could serve its customers and its employees.

House Hasson Hardware

Alcoa Engineering Design - Cherokee Aviation  

Cherokee Aviation
New Hanger
Alcoa, TN

Airplane hangers may look like standard metal buildings, but there are many specific, stringent code requirements for the facilities which are designed to reduce potential fire hazards. Airplane fuels and other operations present unique hazards in these buildings for the structure as well as those who work in the hanger area and associated shop and work rooms. Designers of hanger buildings must be knowledgeable of these issues and must fully comply with all the necessary code requirements to ensure a safe environment for all personnel and equipment. (This building is now under new ownership.)

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