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Engineering Design Knoxville High-Rise Engineering Design - Kingston Apartments

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Knoxville, TN




Featured Restaurants

Knoxville Engineering Design - Ruby Tuesday


Ruby Tuesday
New Construction
Knoxville, TN

This Ruby Tuesday facility located was Knoxville, Tennessee is one of numerous restaurants and fast food stores with mechanical systems designed by Griffith Engineering. This Ruby Tuesday includes HVAC units and large exhaust hood systems to remove heat from the kitchen area. Properly designed mechanical systems provide building pressure control, prevent odor migration from the kitchen, and maintain a comfortable environment for customers. Plumbing systems with adequate water heating capability and drainage connections are vital to the kitchen operation in a restaurant.

Sevierville Engineering Design - Flapjacks Pancake Cabin - Pizza Inn  

Flapjacks Pancake Cabin
New Construction
Sevierville, TN

Flapjacks Pancake Cabins is a local chain of restaurants in the Sevierville/Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area. Griffith Engineering has designed the mechanical systems for multiple chain locations. These systems include kitchen exhaust hoods and packaged equipment for the dining and kitchen areas. Our engineers have met the challenge of specially designing the kitchen exhaust hoods and ducts in such a manner as to meet the code requirements for installing these systems in a building with a wood structure in the kitchen area. Motorized dampers and controls are incorporated into the designs to reduce humidity and moisture levels in the buildings. The safety and comfort levels for the facilities are testaments to these proven designs.

Jefferson City Engineering Design - Pizza Inn


Pizza Inn
New Construction
Jefferson City, TN

The Pizza Inn in Jefferson City, TN included HVAC units and large exhaust hood systems to remove heat from the kitchen area. Our engineers worked to design a mechanical system which provides proper building pressure control, prevents food odor migration from the kitchen, and maintains a comfortable environment for the customers. Independent controls in each area - public and staff - are essential to proper conditioning of these environments. It is vital that both customers and staff are comfortable within the building.

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