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Engineering Design Knoxville High-Rise Engineering Design - Kingston Apartments

Knoxville's Community Devlopement Corporation
Knoxville, TN




Featured Retail Facilities

Knoxville Engineering Design - P & S School, Office, and Art Supply


P & S School, Office and Art Supply
New Location
Knoxville, TN

This 18,000 sq. ft. retail facility, located in West Knoxville, Tennessee, sells school and art supplies to the public. Packaged units were used to provide and indoor environment conducive to a retail area with the knowledge that an uncomfortable environment--too hot, too cold, to humid-will drive people out of the store rather than keep them in the store and shopping.

Sevierville Engineering Design - Main Creek Corner  

Main Creek Corner
New Construction
Sevierville, TN

This 4,000 sq. ft. retail facility located in Sevierville, Tennessee is a multiple tenant building. The structure accommodates three tenants, including a UPS store, in discrete sections. Independent HVAC systems provide individual control in each tenant area. Our engineers designed the ductwork in accordance with ASHRAE and SMACNA guidelines to provide quiet systems that produce good air distribution. We specified the plumbing system and fixtures to comply with ADA requirements and sound engineering principles.

Sevierville Engineering Design - Zoomerz  
New Construction
Sevierville, TN

The Zoomerz convenient store, located on the main thoroughfare leading into Sevierville, Tennessee includes a convenience store, a fast food restaurant, gasoline sales, and a car wash. The facility was built in 1997 and serves the ever-growing Sevierville-Pigeon Forge-Gatlinburg region at the base of the Smoky Mountains. The HVAC design includes rooftop units, kitchen exhaust hoods and ventilation systems. Energy wheels were incorporated into the design to improve energy efficiency and to provide correct building pressurization. Proper kitchen exhaust hood design and performance is essential to smoke control, elimination of fire hazards, and proper building pressures. The plumbing system for the facility includes standard restroom areas, a commercial kitchen, and a car wash. Water heater design and selection for kitchen facilities along with appropriate back-flow prevention are critical issues for these facilities.

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